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KLINOTECH Recykling Molekularny odpadów RMO

Who we are


Klinotech is an own brand created by Klinika Nowych Technologii Energetyki Środowiskowej Sp. z o. o., whose task is to build and implement a waste treatment installation known as Klinotech RMO. 

Klinotech RMO has formed a team, where at the core are the creators of RMO technology. Team members are also experts who have extensive business experience, mainly in the field of business and project management. 



RMO Offer


Klinotech offers the construction of the Klinotech RMO waste disposal installation.

The basic solution is the module with a capacity of 500 kg / h.

+48 606 274 600



Klinotech consists of professionals who have been associated with the scientific or business community for many years.

On the one hand, the creators of RMO are engineers who have been involved in the field of waste recycling for years. On the other hand, the team consists of people who successfully implement business projects.

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