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KLINOTECH Recykling Molekularny odpadów RMO

Marek Pilawski (PhD) 


Is the creator of the RMO technology and together with Grzegorz Kremer (PhD) and Dariusz Kalinowski has developed RMO to the implementation stage.

Mr. Pilawski also holds The European Engineer title and has implemented many technical and technological solutions in various domains of knowledge, especially in the broadly understood ecological and environmental protection. A graduate and then a long-term researcher and lecturer at Warsaw University of Technology, co-author of several textbooks - including for students of secondary technical schools, co-creator of several dozen patents. Scientist, manager, former parliamentary and local council advisor. He has been an advisor to the Parliamentary Committee for Environmental Protection and the Environmental Protection Committee of the Polish Chamber of Commerce, as well as a coordinator of ecological programs at the Polish Ecological Agency SA.

In his rich career, Mr. Pilawski has created several production companies from their foundations, including a joint-stock company under the name of  Wielobranżowe Towarzystwo Techniczno-Produkcyjne FLAMAL S.A. In the years 1984-92 he was the President of the Management Board and at the same time the General Director of the Company, and then the President of the Supervisory Board and led large interdisciplinary engineering teams creating technique and technology for environmental protection. Thanks to the implemented solutions of Marek Pilawski, the waters of rivers and canals are cleaner, some landfills have become eco-friendly, and raw materials are recovered from the waste materials. Since 1965, he has been a member of SEP, has the title of European Engineer, was the coordinator of the "Energy Waste Recycling" Program of the National Energy Conservation Agency.

Many years of activity under the name "MARKON", continued with the company Klinika Nowych Technologii Energetyki Środowiskowej and its own brand KLINOTECH.

Most of the designed devices as well as developed technologies, including the RMO and Recovery Carbon Black technology, are unique on a global scale. Each of the designed devices and each developed technology is friendly to the natural environment.

Klinotech RMO Team

Dariusz Kalinowski


Mr. Kalinowski is an electronic engineer from Warsaw. A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology. He started his professional career at the Design Office of ZRK im. Marcina Kasprzaka in Warsaw, where, together with engineers from the Military University of Technology and Military Institute of Communications, Mr. Kalinowski  participated in the construction and implementation works of the first Polish military radio station intended to provide communication for sub-divisions on the battlefield.  

In addition, Mr. Kalinowski created an independent as well as commercial construction of the first car alarm in Poland with a floating code, dated 1997, providing excellent anti-theft protection for those times. This design was put into serial production and several thousand units were produced. Production continued until 2001. 

Since 2001, he hes held positions on Management Boards and Supervisory Boards of commercial law companies, and from 2013, he began working with Marek Pilawski (PhD). This cooperation resulted in the establishment of Klinika Nowych Technologii Energetyki Środowiskowej Sp. z o.o.

The result of cooperation with Mr. Pilawski was the continuation of research and development works on the RMO technology as well as the development of several innovative technologies, including the Recovery Carbon Black technology, which is currently being implemented.



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