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KLINOTECH Recykling Molekularny odpadów RMO

Klinotech offers the construction of the Klinotech RMO waste disposal installation. The basic solution is a module with a capacity of 500 kg/h, which can be multiplied by expanding the installation to the required capacity. The installation modules can work in two modes - while the modules working within one installation can work in different modes.

The first possible mode of operation of the RMO module is where simple gaseous hydrocarbons (CxHy) are produced. The second mode of RMO module operation is the hydrogen production mode (H2).  

Block diagram of the RMO instalation

Installations are built on the basis of technical solutions that have been used for years. Ready-made devices, contracted from the market, are used, which shortens the implementation time of a ready-made solution.

However, the design and construction of each RMO module are the authors' proprietary solutions and are made individually for each installation. The algorithm controlling the operation of the RMO module and integrating the work of other devices in the installation is also a proprietary solution of the creators.

Test of the RMO ceramic core

heated to a temperature of 2400 ⁰C

Prestentation Klinotech RMO (PDF)

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