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KLINOTECH Recykling Molekularny odpadów RMO
RMO - Recykling Molekularny Opdadów
08 November 2021

RMO-Syntesizing 2nd generation fuels from anything

Second generation fuels are fuels that do not occur spontaneously in nature. They are synthesized from other simple chemical compounds, and in some cases they are synthesized directly from atoms. The fuels of the 2nd generation are therefore entirely synthetic fuels. In practice, mainly gaseous fuels and liquid fuels are synthesized. In the process of fuel synthesis, the availability of raw materials needed for their production is an important issue. Such raw materials can be any organic waste, naturally composed of atoms: carbon (C), hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O). Carbon and hydrogen are the primary energy carriers, and oxygen is needed to recover energy from these carriers. The atoms - C, H and O which are needed to synthesize fuels and release energy from them can be obtained in the process of Molecular Waste Recycling (RMO). RMO technology treats waste as coal deposits already extracted from the Earth's surface. Due to the possibility of influencing the chemistry and physics of the phenomena occurring in RMO reactors, they can both synthesize second-generation fuels as well as produce hydrogen, which is currently considered the fuel of the future.

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